We believe that creating awareness and a comprehensive plan are the first steps in becoming a consciously inclusive leader. To this end, Superbloom Studios offers you various workshops, coaching and training programs customized for corporate, academic or startup ecosystems.

Our tailored programs cover topics around leadership from clarity and communication, leading global teams across cultures to generational diversity. We will be running cyclical workshops on these topics. Please register here to be added to our Wait list.

One of our successful programs in recent years has been Superbloom Fellows led by Dr. Ramya with an inside out approach to Leadership , supported by eminent speakers such as Dr. Beth Duckles, Ms. Ivannia Martinez and other industry experts.

To meet the needs of modern learners, we are creating a series of programs that have a two pronged-approach:
  • bite-sized online modules for self-paced learning, along with
  • periodic small cohort live coaching sessions to better anchor the learnings.
Sign up to stay informed on upcoming programs. Do also take a look at our coaching affiliates profiles below.

Coaching affiliates

Dr. Ramya Ranganathan

Dr. Beth Duckles

Guest Speakers

Dr. Ivannia Martinez

Anabelle "Bee" Baumann